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Written by Donna Rae   

Your Power Center


This is the first in a series on the care, cleansing and maintenance of the seven major chakra energy centers. As an energy healer, virtually every client minimally needs some cleansing of the chakras; more often major purification and balance. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel, and it is viewed clairvoyantly as a constantly opening and closing hub or center. It can be likened to breathing; as we breathe in and exhale out. So the chakra opens and receives fresh energy, then exhales, sending out used up energy.

The solar plexus chakra is located in the area of the torso at the base of the breastbone in the hollow area beneath where the ribs end. The back solar plexus center lies directly opposite the front chakra. Our energy body contains front and back chakras; the exception being the crown chakra (seventh) and the base or root (first) chakra’s.

Generally most therapy in western healing seems to focus mainly on the front; I include the balance of both in my practice.

As the power and control center of the energy body, this chakra gives you guidance and power to choose for yourself. We often refer to our gut feelings, an emotional guidance system that we learn to trust when this center is in balance.

Much of the energy coming into the solar plexus chakra is pumped to the upper and lower centers. We take in a lot of energy from here, including other’s energy cords and attachments. You can tell if you have unwanted attachments here by the feeling of a tight sensation in your stomach.

An unbalanced solar plexus may feel like you are unsure of yourself, timid and with a low self-esteem. You may feel out of sync as if something is holding you off balance. Whereas a balanced chakra will give you the courage to take action, reaching out to the world to create change. We will feel strong and able to make decisions clearly.

Mentally we feel fear, intimidation, self-respect, self-control, trust of others in this area. We also deal with assuming responsibility and making decisions as well as authority issues from this center. Emotional imbalances occur as feelings of self-doubt, shyness and aloofness.

When you find yourself holding your breath in this power center that‘s a sign you should give more care to your solar plexus. Begin by taking a deep breath and bringing it into your belly. Exhale slowly and deeply, pulling your navel in toward your spine. As you release the breath completely you are letting go of stagnant energy and creating space for clean breath, oxygen and energy. Doing this several times a day is very beneficial to the body.

Illness related to a solar plexus imbalance may manifest as digestive problems, indigestion, gastric related conditions, ulcers, pancreas, diabetes, colon intestinal problems, liver dysfunction or weight accumulated around the mid-section of the body.

The color yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra. A bright, sunny yellow ball visualized in this area will warm and invigorate you, bringing relaxation and joy. Visualize the bright yellow smiley face and you’ll definitely feel better. By adding a golden touch to the yellow you will bring a healing vibration to you.

I generally use reflexology in my practice and massaging the pressure point in the middle of the sole of your foot (the arch) will stimulate the solar plexus chakra, relaxing that area and any blocks for its associated organs.

In addition, certain fragrances and crystals assist in stimulating and balancing the third chakra. Lemon, Acacia, Lavender, Rosemary and Bergamot can be used to enhance the letting go, stimulate the intellect, emotional body, as well as reverse physical exhaustion. The gemstones amber, aquamarine, citrine, emerald, gold calcite, peridot, pyrite, tiger’s-eye and topaz are among those crystals beneficial to the third chakra.

By laying these stones upon or near your solar plexus region, you will bring the energy of these healing stones to your energy field.

I suggest you spend some time experimenting with this information. Some or all may be of benefit to you. I welcome questions and comments you may have about this article. Feel free to share it with a friend.

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